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How to find equivalent resistance in a complex circuit

Circuit Analysis For Dummies. When doing circuit analysis, you need to know some essential laws, electrical quantities, relationships, and theorems. Ohm’s law is a key device equation that relates current, voltage, and resistance. Using Kirchhoff’s laws, you can simplify a network of resistors using a single equivalent resistor.

how to find equivalent resistance of complex circuits in less time ? If we are provided with a complex resistance then most of the chances are there that it ma ×. 11) Determine the equivalent resistance of the circuit shown. 12) Calculate the current measured by ammeter A 1 in the diagram shown. Original circuit KLR on the loop containing battery and 3 resistor 1 13) Calculate the resistance of the unknown resistor, R in the diagram shown. Resistors in parallel OR KJR A KLR on outer loop 14.

Now R2 , R5 and R7 are in series and equivalenet resistance of this series combination is 6 Ω . Hence in step-2 , this series combination is replaced by 6 Ω resistor . Equivalenet resistance of parallel combination is ( 2 × 6 ) / (2+6) = 1.5 Ω . Hence, finally, resistance between A and B is ( 2 + 1.5 + 2 ) = 5.5 Ω.

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solve and show complete solutions. Transcribed Image Text: Simplify the complex circuit below and find the following if 20-V of voltage is supplied. A) Total / Equivalent Resistance B) Total Current C) Current, Voltage Drop, and Power on each resistor 4.0 0 4,0 Q B 3.0 0 6.0 Ω A.

Experts are tested by Chegg as specialists in their subject area. We review their content and use your feedback to keep the quality high. (1). Let's give the name of resistors, see the above figure. first, we will find the equivalent of resistor R4 and R5 because these are in series, so R4+5 = R4 + R5 putting the value of R4 and R5 from the a ..

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